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Successful Virtual Assistant

Want to be a superstar VA? We got you!

At NFVA Connect, we’re all about helping virtual assistants like YOU crush it in their careers. We offer awesome training, personalized coaching, and tons of support to get you there.



Hi! I'm Fatin.

I’m a virtual assistant with over 15 years of experience in the business world.  I’m passionate about this field and love sharing my knowledge to help aspiring VAs rock their careers.

At NFVA Connect, I’m the lead trainer and coach, kind of like your VA guru.

Since I started as a VA back in 2021, I’ve learned a lot about the ins and outs of the job. I’m here to help you navigate the challenges that many VAs face today. Let’s build your VA success story together!

Why Become a VA?

Flexible Working Hours
Work from Anywhere
Be Your Own Boss
Develop New Skills
Always Learn Something New

Powerful E-Books to Help You Get Started

Learn the basics on how to get started as a successful VA. These e-books will guide you step-by-step and save you from having to go through this important process alone.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant Without Experience

Learn how to leverage your existing skills and experiences, and use them to kickstart your VA career. *FREE Workbook included

Admin VA Service for Client

An essential e-book that will help aspiring virtual assistants to master admin services. It covers a comprehensive range of topics, from introduction to admin VA, client relationship management, to conflict resolution skills.

Social Media Mastery

Discover how to become a successful social media VA with this e-book. Among the topics covered are setting up social media accounts, content creation, scheduling and automation, to analytics and reporting.

Level-Up: Coaching with Fatin

You've read the e-books and have put in the work to start your VA business.

Now, let's take it up a notch! Book a coaching session with Fatin now and take your VA business to the next level.

Online Coaching

Discover your journey as a virtual assistant individually without mixing with other students and get answers from all angles. We will explore the niche and skillset that are suitable for you.

Offline Personal Coaching

It's your chance to meet Fatin offline! This meet and greet session helps you to incorporate your career as a virtual assistant and learn practically offline. AVAILABLE IN KL / SELANGOR AREA ONLY.

Basic Design Canva Mastery

Help your clients get more value from your creative support! Learn to improve the quality of your design through Canva by using the right techniques and generate more income with Canva.

Don't go through this journey alone.

When I started my journey as a VA, I had nobody to talk to. No community, no support system. It was a lonely journey.

But now, you don’t have to go through the same thing like I did.

Join our community of over 1,600+ VAs on Telegram now and get the support you need to grow your VA career!

• Practical tips on how to start your VA journey.

• Do’s and don’ts in this business that I’ve learned the hard way, and now I’m sharing them with you.

• Friendship, community and support from fellow VAs like you.

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